Alonissos Villas in Alonissos - perfect for your next holiday. Holiday Sporades Islands - Luxury Villa Rentals in Greece - Alonissos Villas. These Villas are perfect for large groups, but we also offer generous discounts for Low Occupancy. Further details in the booking section
  Alonissos Villas


There are two identical villas which have been built so that you can enjoy the best of the outside from almost every room. Itís easy to take for granted the diligence of design Ė but a lot of thought and respect for personal space and privacy has gone into this place.

Itís light and airy with big windows, billowing blinds and lots of comfy places to curl up and take refuge from the heat outside. Itís been built in the traditional Ďupside downí way where outdoor living takes priority over indoor sleeping and rooms have been shifted around accordingly. It also benefits from not having any near neighbours, so you donít need to worry about noise or being overlooked.

The View Ė is simply breathtaking. Itís something that youíll never tire of and never forget - one of those mental postcards that youíll keep forever, feeling privileged to have lived to see it. The clear blue Tzortzi Ghialos bay stretches lazily beneath you, book-marked by promontories of rusty green on either side with a deserted beach below. Every now and then, a boat will chug by and thatís about it for your dayís excitement on the seas. When you have a view like this you hardly consider the villa behind you (which is doing it a disservice).

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