Alonissos Villas in Alonissos - perfect for your next holiday. Holiday Sporades Islands - Luxury Villa Rentals in Greece - Alonissos Villas. These Villas are perfect for large groups, but we also offer generous discounts for Low Occupancy. Further details in the booking section

Famous for its trees, tranquillity and a coastline that Mother Nature has nibbled at over the years, the raw beauty of Alonissos has been described as a ‘magical’ island and a wonderful sanctuary for retreat

At 20km long and a local population of 1500, it is the only inhabited island in a marine preservation park where 300 of the world’s 500 endangered monk seals live under protective laws. Indeed, the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea dominate everyday life here, with the gently paced ebb and flow of island rhythm emanating from the main port town of Patiri, up through pine wood valleys to olive groves on the hillsides beyond

It is an island of marvellous peace, privacy and seclusion. For the holidaymaker, there are literally dozens of quiet sheltered beaches and bays so empty you inevitably convince yourself that they belong to you. Even in the height of summer the place still manages to feel quiet

Evenings are low key. Nightlife comprises local bars and tavernas. There’s a rumour of a night club but nobody’s been to it. Bring your own entertainment, otherwise you can rely on a couple of cats fighting for an evening’s distraction

This is an island where both classic and contemporary meet with a knowing, nodding smile and rub along together quite happily. Transport is essential – but any mode will do. Goat bells clank a chorus refrain to the whirr of mopeds, whilst cars tend to listlessly adorn the side of the road rather than the middle of it

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